Managed VCL news

Date News
4 January 2017 Managed VCL becomes free. Version with source code can be downloaded from Registration key is "Free version|114A93E0F58F2F1E" (without quotes). Versions for newer Delphi and C++ Builder are not planned.
10 April 2006 Managed VCL v. 2.0 is released. New release includes version for Delphi 2006 and support for .Net framework 2.0, as well as enhancements in existing code.
23 January 2005 Managed VCL for Delphi 2005 is released.
10 November 2004 Managed VCL 1.40 is released.
  • Enhanced support for upcoming .Net 2.0;
  • ADO.Net components for Firebird, based on Firebird ADO.Net provider 1.6.3;
  • Ability to reference compiled in Win32 application (as resources) assemblies;
  • Minor enhancements
1 August 2004 Managed VCL 1.20 is released.
  • TClrControl is added. Now it is possible to host .Net controls on Win32 form. .Net data bindings are not supported;
  • Components for ASP.Net are added - call ASP.Net pages and services directly from Delphi Win32 application;
  • Managed VCL now sets floating-point exception handling compatible with Microsoft products including .Net framework, DirectX on startup;
  • Advanced interop guide is included into Managed VCL. Corresponding article look at;
  • Minor updates;
  • Forums are started on
10 February 2004 Managed VCL 1.06 is released. Bug in InternalPost() is fixed. Enhanced compatibility with DevExpress grid.
9 February 2004 Managed VCL 1.05 is released. Enhanced navigation in TClrDataTable and TClrDataView.
14 January 2004 Managed VCL 1.00 is released. Support for C++ Builder is added. Known bugs are removed.
28 October 2003 Managed VCL beta is out.