Managed extensions for VCL - JScript.Net tutorial

JScript .NET is a modern scripting language with a wide variety of applications. It is a true object-oriented language, and yet it still keeps its "scripting" feel. JScript .NET maintains full backwards compatibility with previous versions of JScript, while incorporating great new features and providing access to the common language runtime and .NET Framework.

Managed VCL contains TVsaJScriptNetHost object that can execute JScript.Net code. It used VSA engine that is included in .Net framework. VSA engine should change VBA in future versions of MS Office and other applications. Currently only JScript.Net is implemented normally in VSA - C# is not implemented at all, VB.Net implementation has bugs.

TVsaJScriptNetHost is host component for JScript.Net engine. It can execute JScript.Net code. You can pass named components (COM and .Net objects) and reference .Net assemblies  that will be visible from JScript.Net code.

Look JScript.Net example for details on how to use TVsaJScriptNetHost.